Musical Work

Hanuman’s extensive musical training has brought him a rare status of multi-instrumentist, singer, arranger and composer.

As a  self-taught guitar player,his influences cover the vast range of flamenco,western classical,brazilian and jazz. Moresoever, a new approach has been carefully developed to render traditional indian ragas into exquisite harmonic fields.

Such fluency can be heard in the album “Astral Fission”(Sony Music,India) where he shares tracks with his own teacher (the great Ustad Sultan Khan),alongside percussionist Bhavani Shankar on pakhawaj and tabla.

Settling back in Paris after a long time in India, Shri Hanuman put together the ground-breaking “Shri Chakra Ensemble”, featuring his own compositional work set to a group of talented musicians, including the staggering karnatic female singer Sushumma Unnikrishnan. This formation has recorded two albums, “Shri Chakra I and II”, as well as having toured Europe extensively.

An experimental work with some of his students gave birth to the “Hanuman Trio”, recording some material during the mid-nineties and eventually evolving into the “Darshan” album (2003), recorded in Brazil during his first South-American tour.              On this album he is accompanied by his disciples Gopala (tabla) and Shantireva (Bansuri)

New voyages to India have rendered collaborations with Rakesh Chaurasia (nephew of Hariprasad Chaurasia) and other local musicians.

At present a new CD of the “Hanuman Trio” is at finishing process,containing traditional vocal pieces from Ghazal, Khayal and Dhrupad inspiration. Here’s a preview:


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