Born in Ahmedabad, North India.

Since an early age was naturally drawn into both music and spirituality. Having moved to Paris in his childhood, he became a self-taught guitar player, drawing from the multiple influences that this new cultural niche would provide.

Moving back to India in his late teens, he got immersed into a deeper spiritual search wich led him to meet quite a few sadhus, gurus and mystics around the land. Living in Bombay he practiced Hatha-Yoga with Shri Yogendra of the “Yoga Institute”,among other prominent figures.

Such sincere quest eventually has led him to the feet of his spiritual master, Shri Kalyan Krishna ,of the tantric Sri Vidya tradition in Bangalore.From this Guru he was directly granted with diksha (initiate) name Shri Hanuman.

As part of his sadhana (spiritual practice),quality time was spent doing tapasya (austerities),meditating in places like Varanasi and the forests of Rishikesh.

This was also a moment when music took a whole new dimension as he learnt tabla, singing and the overall foundations of both hindustani (north indian) and karnatic (south indian) styles.

Sri Hanuman has gotten  eventually accepted as one of the few disciples of the late great sarangi player Ustad Sultan Khan (see both pictured below as Hanuman receives Ustad’s blessing over twenty years back ).

Hanuman Sultan Khan









Simoultaneously he received tabla training under the expertise of Kausar Ali, expoent of Benares Gharana school. Furthermore happened important meetings with other musicians such as Girija Devi (hindustani khayal singer) and Sushumma Unnikrishnam (karnatic singer) thus helping to mould his voice and enrich the vast musical vocabulary of classical indian music.

As time went by and with the blessings of his preceptors, Shri Hanuman started to give shape and color to the ancient practice of Naad Yoga, where musical and yogic principles blend together (see “naad yoga“).

That was also followed by an extensive professional career in music (see “musical work“) and a presently on-going international schedule of workshops, lectures and concerts.

As a teacher, Shri Hanuman imparts the quintessence of AdvaitaVedanta, TantraYoga and Sangeet (music) to seekers and disciples world-wide;obtained through of a life-time process of dedication and surrender towards the Supreme.



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